We handle all areas of matrimonial law, including: Divorce, No-fault, contested, and uncontested, Support, Child support, Spousal Support, APL, Custody, Child custody, delinquency, PFA, Protection from abuse, spousal assault and other crimes, Pre-Nup, Premarital agreements and post marital agreements, Contempt, Failed to Pay Support? Facing Jail time? Every case is different. If there were a simple solution to every case, the family law court would not have its own separate building (as in Allegheny County) and there would be no appeal process. A lawyer can tell you what to expect in court and use his (or her) experience to make sure your interests and goals are given the most attention allowable. Not every client will need assistance with divorce, child support, custody, and a PFA (protection from abuse act) claim. That said, you should have a lawyer familiar with all aspects of family law for matters that may become an issue in the future.

Our Matrimonial Lawyers Handle a wide range of family law cases in Western Pennsylvania, including divorce, support, custody, annulment, and Protection from Abuse Act claims (PFA). Regardless of whether you are the husband or wife, contact one of our Pittsburgh Pennsylvania divorce lawyers for help concerning the distribution of assets, marriage settlement agreements, and rely on us to do the paper work to get your divorce processed efficiently. Our Pittsburgh PA attorneys handle child support matters, including complex cases where expert evidence is needed to evaluate earning capacity. We calculate the amount of support payable pursuant to the legislative guidelines in Pennsylvania. Our Western PA counsel also handle child custody matters involving parents (mothers and fathers), grandparents, stepparents, and others. Our Pittsburgh PA practice also includes adoption matters and actions to terminate the rights of a parent. We also handle PFA actions, Protection from Abuse. Our Beaver Valley area lawyers advise you when you to seek a PFA (or how to defend against one) and we will discus civil no contact orders. Ultimately, we will show the court that you are credible and entitled to the relief you seek for equitable distribution (divorce), child custody, visitation, and/or support claim or defense in PA. As the saying goes, you only get once chance to make a first impression. This applies especially well in Allegheny County and Beaver County Family Law Courts, where one judge will preside over just about every issues you face in the family court system for years into the future on matters such as: divorce, custody, and support. Do not let the opposing party cast you in a bad light early.

We Cover a Wide Regional Area throughout Western Pennsylvania for PFA and pre-marital agreements throughout several different counties, including Beaver County, Washington County and Allegheny County. Our divorce, support, and custody is practice is mainly limited to Allegheny County. That said, handle PFAs throughout Western PA, , including Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA, Shadyside, East Liberty, Monroeville, Bellevue, Avalon, Fox Chapel, McKeesport, Carnegie, East Liberty, Carson Street, Dormont, the North Side, South Side, and the surrounding areas, including Beaver County, Pennsylvania: Aliquippa, Beaver Falls, Ambridge, Baden, Beaver, BigBeaver, Bridgewater, Conway, Darlington, East Rochester, Eastvale, Economy, Ellwood City, Fallston, Frankfort Springs, Freedom, Georgetown, Glasgow, Homewood, Hookstown, Industry, Koppel, Midland, Monaca, New Brighton, New Galilee, Ohioville, Patterson, Heights, Rochester, Shippingport, South Heights, West Mayfield, Townships, Brighton Township, Erie, Center Township, Chippewa, Township, Darlington Township, Daugherty Township, Franklin Township, Greene Township, Hanover Township, Harmony Township, Hopewell Township, Independence Township, Marion Township, New Sewickley Township, North Sewickley Township, Patterson, Township, Potter Township, Pulaski Township, Raccoon Township, Rochester Township, South Beaver Township, and Vanport Township; Washington County, Pennsylvania: Allenport, Burgettstown, Canonsburg, Donora, East Washington, McDonald, Donegal Township, Hanover Township, Hopewell Township, Independence Township, North Strabane Township, Nottingham Township.

Our Pittsburgh Attorneys litigate divorce (fault and no fault), claims for child custody (grandparent, parent, father, mother, step parent, interstate), dependency hearings, PFA (protection from abuse), support (spousal support, alimony pendente lite, child support), prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, and adoption. Your Beaver County divorce lawyer should work with opposing counsel to bring your no-fault or fault based divorce, claim for support, or child custody matter to an efficient and reasonable resolution. We will reasonably handle your prenuptial agreement or the dissolution of your marriage and we will get agressive with a petition for contempt when needed following an order for divorce, alimony, spousal support, or child custody than necessary. Our Western Pennsylvania matrimonial attorneys offer that you rely on an experienced family law practitioner who has respesented a husband or a wife in prior cases and can see the issue from all sides. Your Pittsburgh divorce lawyer should look for an early resolution of all calims for support (APL and spousal), child custody and other family law and divorce matters when possible. Links
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